LLNN / Sugar Horse Split 7"

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Release Date: February 9, 2024

‘The Horror’, LLNN’s offering for the limited, AA-side 7” split with Bristol-based outfit SUGAR HORSEcouldn’t be more aptly named. Steeped in the Copenhagen collective’s icy, cold wave rage; ‘The Horror’ is claustrophobic, suffocating and undeniably sublime. Carving an exciting new path between synth cinematics and post-apocalyptic post-hardcore, LLNN have collaborated with fellow incendiary innovators Sugar Horse ahead of their upcoming European co-headline tour.

LLNN comments: "A frequent request we get nowadays is from followers who want to know the name of the opening track from our latest concerts.

A track that was originally written by JOHN CXNNOR (the brothers of LLNN's industrial act) and was premiered live at their performance at ROADBURN FESTIVAL last year featuring LLNN's Victor Kaas on vocals. Since then we decided to develop and adapt it to the universe of LLNN.

The song writing of "The Horror” was a creative and interesting journey into unknown territories we wanted to explore. Inspired by the cinematography and the haunting sonic layers from movies such as Event Horizon, Hereditary and Dune.

The throat singing at the end of the track is performed by Martin Skou from the Warrior Choir of HEILUNG.
Enjoy and make sure to catch us live on tour with SUGAR HORSE."

The musical equivalent of a waking nightmare about a last-minute maths test, ‘Sleep Paralysis Demon’ is Bristol-based SUGAR HORSE’s contribution to the 7” split. Mud-thick sludge tones collide with post-punk discord, pop sensibilities and a wicked sense of humour as the band blaze new trails in creative, collaborative chaos.

The band comments: "It is an unprecedented honour to be able to release a little split single with the good folks in LLNN. I saw them for the first time at ArcTanGent 2023, headlining the same stage we headlined the night before and was completely blown away by just how terrifying the whole set was. It was oppressive, it was demonic, it was enormous.

Coming up with a track that could keep up with their intensity was a challenge. A real head scratcher. We came to the realisation that it was have to be pure dissonance. Just semi-tones and pain....and so 'Sleep Paralysis Demon' was born. A song about living with the contradiction & confusion of the internet age, and the timely death of one Henry Kissinger."